Thursday, December 7, 2017

OMG - 12

Slowly but surely I'm working on my sewing space. Therefore my December goal is to add some vinyl pouches. As you can see there is a lack of green and blue.

I also want you to meet my new table. It is actually kitchen desk.

The design is called abstract and fits perfectly for sewing table.

Container and drawer by Ikea. 

Bookcase also by Ikea. My hubby added 3 more shelfs as per my request and rainbow need.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

OMG 10 - finished

We are half way through October and I finished my goal already. Yippee! I did not procrastinate this time which is unusual.

My goal was to try out this tutorial. Those tiny pouches looked so cute I wanted some as well.
Patty who hosts OMG each month also pointed out I should link into Bag It event so if you have any pouches or bags come join in.

As you can see I didn't really thought about on which side I insert the loop with lobster clasp so I have a variety :)

Here is a peak at the back side.

I also enlarged the pouch a bit. I had a 5.5" zipper so I cut out the vinyl 5.5x9" see above picture for comparison. It's better to use larger zipper and cut it since I was not able to top stitch on those pink versions as I couldn't open up the zipper.

I did not overlock the edges but I have burned them over the candle. I done it once I took the pics and saw some thread sticking out. Better to do it prior turning inside out.

I already gave away those pink ones as my girls were both invited to Bday parties this weekend. Different friends and parties but who wouldn't like some pink goodies :)
Since my needle is dull from sewing vinyl I might make some more.
I have also put vinyl pouches on my Q4 list so that makes it 1/5.

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

2017 FAL Q4 list

I wasn't successful in Q3 even though I was very optimistic at the beginning :) So the question is should I join and try again? Sure!

My main goal is to settle into my new space. As you can see the walls are still empty. I also want to go through my stuff and purge a bit.

My list remains almost identical to previous quarters. I just downsized:
1. love quilt
2. vinyl pouches
3. love mini
4. zipper pouches with touch of color
5. echino bag






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Sunday, October 1, 2017

OMG - 10

It's that time of dilemma. Should I join OMG this time and with what project? I wasn't really successful lately with any goals.

I thought I should try something new. I'm a good collector of tutorials but I hardly try them out. This time around I choose this one as my OMG goal: clear key chain pouch

Plus I have received kind email from Patty inviting me over. Just the last push I needed. Thank you!

So pick your own goal and join in!

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cat cases

Hello there! I'm still alive and finally I have something to share :) Don't ask me where August and September went. We are doing fine just a little busy with life.

These cases are intended for bus travel for the girls. They both are attending the school and taking bus home.

There is zipper pocket for the money on one side and see through vinyl pocket for the ID they need.

They both liked this fabric with cats (local print) and I had just enough to make two cases. No leftovers. That's the way I like it :)

I added a bit of hand stitches on one of them to add a bit of color. I might also make different straps but these were just fine for picture taking.

I was so optimistic at the beginning of this quarter but I might end up with no finishes out of my FAL Q3 list but that is fine too. No stress. There are still two days to go :)

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 FAL Q3 list

There are few projects I just keep on my FAL list. I told myself, keep it but make a progress. I actually did with 3 of them.

#1 love wallhanging - I finally decided I'll go with straight lines, matchstick quilting because my FMQ days probably won't come.

#2 pouches - well there is no real progress but I was stuck for a while. I keep on buying this background fabric but there are different shades. I searched my stash up and down few times and luckily I found the shade I needed. Hopefully it'll help me to move forward.

#3 echino bag redo - I took apart the old one which I loved so much. I'm going to use the zippers, strap and the inside as well. This way my favorite bag will live forever :))

#4 tote - there is no progress just a vision in my head therefore I give a chance and keep it on my list :)

These are my old projects and I got a little silly and I'm giggling here a little but maybe this quarter is the right one and I'm finally going to finish them all ;) The stars are in the right position, I feel it! I'm on my true path whatever that is :)

I'm also adding some new projects, cushions I recently started based on Minecraft characters.
#5 pig cushion

#6 zombie cushion

Lucky seven is the way to go ...
#7 skeleton cushion

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Q2 - cushion insert

I decided to squeeze in last minute finish for 2017 FAL. Here is my list, I'm ending up with 2/6 score. Not perfect but better than Q1 with none finishes.

I took apart large insert cushion and added layer of batting. I used most of the inside filling to fill up some softies I made previously. I created a grid with a zig zag stitch. No measuring, no marking as you see :)

I folded the piece and left an opening gap which I used for filling.

No idea why I procrastinate so long. Tada, custom size insert cushion!

I can finally give it. It's complete. If you want to learn more about the cover click here.
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