Sunday, August 14, 2016

Scraps follow up

On Friday I have quiled the smaller piece and last night during #saturdaynightcraftalong I quilted the other two.

It doesn't look so girlie with the grey.

Unfortunately the quilting is not visible from distance shot.

Only on this one with red thread.

That's how it look on the back. Yes, I only use cotton batting to quilt the panels. I add lining in the same size and leave the turning gap on the side. All seams are hidden.

I like to use longer zipper and tuck the end to the side to create a loop.

The back is plain grey. So that's one down and two to go.

Plus these squares. I'm not sure if I just piece them together or make hexies out of them.
These scraps are from the box of frivols from moda fabrics. My friend Monika gave them to me once she finished hers. She said in some frivols boxes there are hardly any scraps but in this case there were plenty to use.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Challenging scraps

My friend Monika is not only quilting genius but she also challenges me with her scraps. When she asks if I want them, I never say NO :)

These are #modafrivols #frivols1 and I still have some to play with. Not my typical choice of prints and colors but that's the right fun with someone elses scraps.  You can see what Monika created here.

I sewed the strips together and quilted on a piece of batting.

Here is peak at the back.

I used big enough piece for lining. I left the selvedge on.

It became another little pouch with loop.

Colorful and girlie as I needed gift for my niece.

Enough room for little toys or any other treasure. See that selvedge right there? Isn't that fun detail?

Plus it can be hanged or easily carried around.

I have added simple leather zipper pull since zipper pull is a MUST :)

Have you noticed that little pile on my table? I had to buy some more of my fav local prints to continue with my other projects.

Note: I'm having little giveaway. Check it out if you are interested here.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Sometimes when I see tutorial I have to try it right away. That is what happend with those two pouches. You can find it here. It is called single scoop zipper bag.

This one was a trial. I simple quilted few lines. Matching thread so look at the brown ones :)

I used some leather scraps as embelishment for the second one.

Plus these little flowers I made while ago. They suppose to be poppy seeds.

I have also finish the pouch with green accent. This is probably my fav type.

Made out of one piece which creates no seam at the bottom.

Zipper installed as open wide. Find the tut here. Some dots always sneak in.

This time I just tucked the end of zipper to the side to create small loop. It might not be visible but I quilted the green part with green thread. Great project for little scraps. I want to do some more color options as I have plenty of scraps.

While you here, don't forget to check out my neglected giveaway.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Neglected giveaway

Hello my dear neglected readers! Just because the star constellation is right I'm having a giveaway. Noo, not really due to stars :) While ago Bloglovin sent me this exciting news.

So I made those two minis in June with giveaway on mind. One works as mini for the wall and the other as mug rug. Plus you get a piece of hot pink sewing theme fabric just to cheer you up.

In my previous post I made a note about my health issue so I'm just going to spill the beans. I'm having trouble with my right shoulder. I went to see the doctor and last month I finally learned what is wrong. To make it short and clear let me just say that by my own stupidity I have damaged it and I must undertake arthroscopy. This fun event will take place in November.

As I'll be left with my left hand only for a while tell me some fun activity I'll be able to do during this period of time. The more funny and absurd comment the better. Please cheer me up for those times when I'm feeling sorry for myself :)

If you are regular reader I owe you apology for neglected comments and emails. Please forgive me and leave a second comment with anything you have on mind :)

This neglected giveaway will run till the end of August. Please feel free to enter.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

OMG finish

It's been a while since I completed OMG goal. This month I choosed pouch with green accent plus some jewellery to go with.

Those HSTs ended up a little too big for loo pouch so I'll be making larger pouch out of it later on.

Last night I put my headphones on and matchstick quilted those two pieces. I must do that more often since it turns my brain off completely. Brainless theraphy :)

I filled up the jewellery plastic tube with beads and I'm waiting for the glue to dry. I won't show you how it looks on neck since it is still little unstable.

I have two sizes of that plastic tube. I used the smaller one for bracelet.

So I have completed my goal and made pouch with green accent but it is maybe too simple. I hope the other one will make up for it.

Here is pic with the first loo pouch I made.

And one more detailed shot because we all love matchstick quilting right :)

I consider July to be a good month. It went by quickly as the others but I managed to blog more, sew more ... We went on family vacation to Hungary and it was a success. Biffy Clyro has new album out and I have been listening to it a lot. The only thing that bothers me is some health issue but I'll talk about that some other time ... Stay well!

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